Tervetuloa Tahkon Alppikoulun tuki ry:n järjestämiin pujottelun Suomen-mestaruuskilpailuihin Tahkovuorelle Nilsiään 27.–29.3.2018.


NJC FIS Slalom Ladies (.pdf)
NJC FIS Slalom Men (.pdf)

Nuorten SM-pujottelu 2018 U21 Ladies (.pdf)
Nuorten SM-pujottelu 2018 U21 Men (.pdf)

Nuorten SM-pujottelu 2018 U18 Ladies (.pdf)
Nuorten SM-pujottelu 2018 U18 Men (.pdf)

SM-paripujottelu 2018 tulokset naiset (.pdf)
SM-paripujottelu 2018 tulokset miehet

SM-pujottelu 2018 tulokset naiset (.pdf)
SM-pujottelu 2018 tulokset miehet (.pdf)

NC pujottelu naiset (.pdf)
NC pujottelu miehet (.pdf)

FIS-pujottelu miehet (paripujottelun karsinta) (.pdf)
FIS-pujottelu naiset (paripujottelun karsinta) (.pdf)


27.3. SM-pujottelu, naiset ja miehet, kello 10:00 World Cup-rinne
27.3. FIS-pujottelu (paripujottelun karsinta), naiset ja miehet, iltapäivällä Tahko Special
28.3. SM-paripujottelu, naiset ja miehet kello 13:00 Tahko Special -rinne
29.3. Nuorten SM-pujottelu, naiset ja miehet, kello 10:00 World Cup-rinne


Must be submitted by email to: (tel. +358 40 839 3985)

Entry deadline

March the 24th 2018 at 19:00 EET.
No entries will be accepted later than 24 hours before the draw, ICR 215.1.


Finnish skiers’ payment 40 €/race. Skiers from the Nordic countries according to the Nordic Agreement, 20€/race. Skiers from all other nations, 20€/race.

Payment shall be paid to Tahkon Alppikoulun tuki ry bank account:
Nordea IBAN FI52 1285 3000 1125 48 before the first Team captains’ meeting or at the Team captains’ meeting (only cash payments)


NC Slalom, NJC Slalom and FIS Qualification Slalom Quota according to the FIS Points Rules and the Nordic Agreement.
NC Parallel Slalom, only Finnish skiers may participate, number of competitors is 32 per gender (ICR 1230.1).
All competitors are selected from the FIS Qualification Slalom race (ICR 1230.1 / Skisport Finland (SSF) National Competition Rules 43.4).

Parallel qualification

Parallel qualification FIS Slalom race is one (1) run race and it is eligible for FIS points calculation (FIS Points Rules 4.4.10)

NC Parallel Slalom, entry confirmation and payment

Entries must be confirmed at the TCM for the NC Parallel Slalom at 27th of March. Entry fee shall be paid in cash upon entry confirmation at the TCM

Racing Slopes

Tahko World Cup, FIS Homologation 12216/11/16, Slalom
Tahko Special, FIS Homologation 12217/11/16, Slalom and Parallel Slalom

Team captains’ meeting

Tahko Ski Resort, Sokos Hotel Tahkovuori, 2nd floor conference room Hymy&Armi March the 26th at 19.00 EET (NC Slalom) and at 19:30 EET (FIS Slalom)

Time Schedule

March the 27th, 1st run inspection at 09.00 EET, start 1st run at 10.00 EET

Chief of Race

Antti Backman, tel. +358 40 839 3985,


Dunlop Jamie (DEN)

Race Office/Official Notice Board

Timing house at the race slope (open every race day from an hour prior scheduled first run until the publication of official results)

Prize giving ceremony

Sokos Hotel Tahkovuori, March 27th at 19:30 EET

Team Dinner

Buffet dinner is available for the teams on Tuesday the 27th and on Wednesday the 28th before the price giving ceremonies. Buffet price is 19,50€ per person.

Dinner buffet is served on Tuesday at 18:00 EET and at 17:00 EET on Wednesday in Sokos Hotel Tahkovuori.

Teams must confirm dinner reservations to the organizer by email ( by the 20th of March.

Accommodation and arrival

Tahko Central Booking Office
Tel. +358 (0)17 481 400 

Lift Passes

According to FIS Quota and the Nordic Agreement, lift passes collectable from the Tahkonlahti Ticket office on Monday the 26th of March.

Official Results

Official results will be published on the FIS calendar website.

Event publications

Event information will be published on this website.

Social media

Real time updates and information for the teams and competitors will be posted on (Tahko Alpine Races)

Other Information

The National Championships Slalom and National Championships Parallel Slalom are broadcasted live on internet television and on internet radio.

We maintain the rights to change the schedule without prior notice and it is up to the participants to keep themselves informed.


We wish you Welcome to Tahko!



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